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We've helped many businesses establish a presence on the web. . .
Or improve the one they already have. We specialize in designing custom web sites that give businesses the professional web presence they need.

The web sites we design are:

Our bias is towards simplicity and clarity, and our web sites are well-organized and accessible. We create logical and consistent navigation so your visitors can find what they are looking for easily. We have a clean visual style, so our sites load quickly.

We believe that a web site should reflect the unique personality of a business or organization. We don't build template-based sites because we feel they convey an overly-slick sameness that can actually harm your image. A web site built by us will provide your visitors with an unmistakable impression of who you are and what you do.

Search engines are one of the primary ways people find web sites, but in order for a web site to appear prominently in search engine listings, the site has to be designed with this goal in mind. We specialize in enhancing your web site's visibility in search engines by optimizing your content. Everything we do is manual (no automatic submissions) and is directed to your target audience.

We are a full service web design company. We do everything that might be necessary to get your web site up and running, including domain name registration, copywriting and editing, programming special features, web site hosting, and web site maintenance.

Visit our web site and blog devoted to small business web site design.

For more information about web site design please contact:

David Krumholz
609-642-4666 Ext. 103